The company that is installing my new roof is Lyster Contracting. They are doing a complete tear-off and replacement of all the shingles as well as adding additional insulation in the attic. They have been here for a week now and I find them to be an extremely top-notch organization. Here are my comments regarding their work:

*Great at doing their homework up-front. Their estimator, Lee, is absolutely a fantastic person. We found that he was very detailed, concerned with what we wanted to accomplish at the best price, and gave us several options.

*They are always on time and take the extra effort to do things the right way. They do their best to protect your landscaping. They pick up EVERY night and haul all the trash away.

*The crew and supervisor, Jesse, are really a friendly bunch and always answer my questions if I don’t understand what’s going on. The quality of their work is impeccable. I am purchasing a very “high-end” roof because our house is mostly roof. A lot of extra carpentry work needs to be done but this will also end up providing a far superior roof as compared to the original roof—as well as insure the integrity of the warranty.