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Storm windows = Cost Savings for You!

Get better energy efficiency with less cost by replacing your current windows…

For sure, it’s easy to be deterred by the potential high cost of installing storm windows, but replacement windows can provide an affordable option for you. Replacement windows may not offer you the most optimal energy efficiency that a full-scale window replacement would, but the cost savings would be very real to you while still enjoying greater energy efficiency, and ultimately lower energy costs. You may even qualify for an energy tax credit – check this out with your window replacement contractor! Best of all you may find, as some customers do, that your energy bills are lowered by up to 30% – a savings we all can use!

What you need to be thinking about…

First consider what you are trying to accomplish with your storm windows. For example, if you live in a geographical area that has extreme temperatures, your storm window selection can actually help you shift your home rapidly to the opposite temperature mode. You may want double-paned or double-glazed storm windows if you live in a colder climate – that would keep two panes of glass between you and the cold outdoors. We know that the more material that is between you and the outdoors, the less heat will be lost. An additional benefit is that the air, or perhaps argon, a gas which prevents heat loss better than air, fills the space between the panes, also adding to your heat savings. Conversely, in the heat of summer with air-conditioning going strong, you will be less likely to be cooling the outdoors with more material between you and the outside. Again – energy savings and cost savings that are measurable!

Obviously, you would pay more at the outset for double-paned windows, and single-paned windows could also be cost-effective for you. Consider the climate you live in before you make your choice; that will be the key to your future and ongoing cost-savings.

Personal style should be your next consideration. You can get a mill finish or a painted finish – the economic or personal preference factor will drive your choice. The mill finish will be more economical, but with a painted finish one can more easily match the existing décor of a home. It is necessary to understand the frames your replacement windows will be inserted into – either two-track or three-track systems. Both types of storm windows are readily available.

Talk to your window-replacement professional, and ask the questions needed in order to make an informed and appropriate selection for your home. There are options to suit everyone – and the window-replacement professionals at Lyster Exteriors stand ready to help you understand your options and assist you in making the right choice for you!